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Special Updates
Regarding 2020
and 2021

As we all are aware, these are very uncertain times, with information changing on a daily or even hourly basis. Understandably, many of you have questions and concerns, and we are working hard every day to get you clear answers. For now, here’s current information we have about some important topics regarding both our 2020 and 2021 cruises. When we have more information, we’ll share it with you as soon as we can, and update this page accordingly. Rest assured we are doing our best to unravel these complicated issues in a way that best serves our community.

2021 Deposit Schedule and Cancellation Policy

Last updated: May 12, 3pm EDT

 We know that many people are dealing with financial uncertainty right now, and we’ve revised our JoCo Cruise 2021 deposit schedule to provide those under pressure with a bit more breathing room. The revised deposit schedule (which can be found on our Pricing Page) is as follows:

  • Due at time of booking: $500 per person

  • by August 1, 2020: an additional $500 per person

  • by October 1, 2020: an additional $500 per person

  • by January 15, 2021: remaining balance in full

Additionally, we have revised our cancellation policy: you may now cancel your JoCo Cruise 2021 booking without penalty through October 1, 2020. See our FAQ for our complete cancellation policy, including the full revised cancellation fee schedule.

There are currently no other changes to the terms for JoCo Cruise 2021.

JoCo Cruise 2021 Status

Last updated: March 19, 7pm EDT

Obviously, nobody knows how long the coronavirus situation will last, or whether (as some sources are suggesting) the current social distancing measures might extend beyond our JoCo Cruise 2021 sailing date. Right now we’re proceeding under the assumption that circumstances will allow for us to sail safely. Of course, this pandemic has escalated so quickly in recent days that it’s very difficult to predict what things are going to look like a week from now, let alone six months or a year. THO’s 2021 planning continues apace, and we hope that in the coming weeks and months the course of the pandemic will become clearer. In the meantime, we hope the relaxed deposit schedule (noted above) will provide everyone with the necessary breathing room to ride out this metaphorical storm together with us.

2020 and COVID-19

Last updated: March 19, 7pm EDT

We share everyone’s concerns about what will happen with COVID-19. As we reported in our March 17 email to JoCo Cruise 2020 passengers and as we were notified by Holland America Line, all medical instances were of the customary variety, and to our knowledge there were no confirmed cases of COVID-19 aboard JoCo Cruise 2020.

Some of you have asked if we can update you about the health status of attendees going forward. This is not something that we feel we can or should take on. Aside from potential privacy issues, we’re a small team of people and could not function as an accurate and timely source of reporting about an ongoing pandemic. That said, the health and safety of our attendees is our highest priority, so we will do our best to further this effort in any way we can, and coordinate with responsible authorities if and when called upon.

We continue to recommend that everyone follow the current public safety guidelines regarding thorough hand washing, social distancing, and self-isolation where you believe it is necessary and appropriate. Please take care of yourselves, your families, and the people around you. We’ll be doing the same.

2020 Cancellations Relating to COVID-19

Last updated: April 4, 4:45pm EDT

The Home Office has announced our JoCo Cruise 2020 COVID-19 Future Cruise Credit (JCCCFCC) program, intended to provide an opportunity for those individuals who were not able to sail aboard JoCo Cruise 2020 due to the exceptional COVID-19 pandemic circumstances to sail with JoCo Cruise in either 2021 or 2022. It is created, managed, and paid for by JoCo Cruise, and is not connected with Holland America Line’s or any other company’s initiatives.

Complete JCCCFCC details can be found at the above link. We have directly emailed all JoCo Cruise 2020 passengers we believe to be eligible for this program; if you believe you are eligible and have not seen our email, please check your email spam folder for items from future-cruise-credit@jococruise.com. If you have definitely not received an email and believe you are eligible for JCCCFCC, please contact future-cruise-credit@jococruise.com immediately.

Eligibility for JCCCFCC is dependent upon submission and JoCo Cruise approval of the JCCCFCC qualification form (which has been emailed to those who we believe may be eligible). The JCCCFCC qualification form must be completely filled out and submitted no later than May 3, 2020.

A Loss to the Community

Last updated: March 19, 7pm EDT

We’re heartbroken to report that one of our JoCo Cruise 2020 passengers passed away on the final day (Friday) of JoCo Cruise 2020. Out of respect for the family’s privacy and grieving process, and awaiting guidance as to what information they wished to be shared publicly, we felt it was not appropriate for us to talk about it widely before now, or to share the passenger’s name. We know that this has been and will be very difficult for many, and we hope that at some future date we can come together as a community to process this loss, but for now we believe the most considerate course is to continue giving the family space and privacy. In the meantime, please know that Holland America Line and JoCo Cruise are taking our cues from the family, and doing what we can for them.

A Closing Word

Last updated: March 19, 7pm EDT

This is a trying time for everyone, including the small group of year-round Home Office staff. In our ten years, we have always done our best to provide timely information and clear answers. We understand it can be frustrating to live with uncertainty, and hope that we’ll be able to reduce it as events unfold. We greatly appreciate your hanging in there with us, and thank you for your understanding and patience during these particularly difficult, rapidly changing, and extraordinary times. We love this community, and we will continue to do our absolute best to support and care for all of you.

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