What the Heck?

What is this “JoCo Cruise” thing?
A cruise? I dunno. I don’t think I’m a “cruise person”/I hate the sea, and everything in it.
What can you tell me about the Freedom of the Seas?
What kind of entertainment can I expect?
Are we taking over the whole ship?
Are kids allowed?

Booking Questions

Oh no: you’re completely sold out/you’re out of the cabin type I want! Is there a wait list I can join?
Can I book the cruise directly with Royal Caribbean/through a third-party travel site/from a shady guy in a van in a back alley, and still participate in JoCo Cruise’s exclusive activities?
Oh my gosh, this is so expensive!
What’s included in the JCC2016 all-in-one price?
What’s NOT included with the cruise price? How are they going to “get me”?
Are there any discounts available?
Are there discounted rates available for children and infants?
Can I pay for Joco Cruise 2016 cruise all at once/in installments?
I want to reserve a room for three/four (or more) people, but haven’t found all my roommates yet. How should I handle that during booking? [change fees?]
Where can I go to find roommates?
Can my roommate(s) and I pay separately?
Can someone else pay for some/all of my trip?
What Is your cancellation policy?
Am I allowed to make changes to my booking (add/drop passengers, change passenger names, etc.)?
What about trip insurance?
I registered for JCC2016 while onboard JoCo Cruise 2015. Am I eligible for an onboard credit? What are onboard credits? How do they work? Can you give me a full explanation?

I’m Booked! Now What?

Okay, I have booked my cruise; what do I need to know to get prepared?
When should I fly in/out of Orlando International Airport (MCO)?
Can I get help finding hotel accommodations before and/or after the cruise? How about flights to Orlando?
How do I add my Crown & Anchor Society number to my booking?
How will I get into the JoCo Cruise events?
What happens if I lose my badge?
I have special dietary needs. Can they accommodate me?
Can I ask you to acknowledge my/my spouse’s/my friend’s birthday/anniversary during a show? Can I propose to my significant other during a show?
Is this a good opportunity to corner a Famous Person and talk to him/her for three hours about my movie idea where he/she plays a kind of nerdy superhero with the power to read through walls?
Will there be an official autograph session? If not, is it cool to ask for autographs?
Will I be able to access the internet?
Will Twit-arr be available?
But Twit-arr won’t help me; I’m a proud member of the WiFi Temperance Brigade!
Which dinner seating will I get?
The JoCo Cruise Code of Conduct
Help! I missed the ship, and don’t know what to do!
Help! I was denied boarding for health reasons, and don’t know what to do!

Managing my Booking

How do I fill out or edit a cabin-mate’s personal information from within my user account?
How do I change a “TBD Guest” on my reservation into a real passenger?
How do I invite a cabin-mate to the user account system for the first time?
How can I resend my cabin-mate an invitation to create their own user account?
I have received my user invitation link — how do I fill out my information?
How can I make a payment towards my booking?
How can I add a passenger to my reservation?
How can I delete a passenger from my reservation?
How can I move a user account from one passenger to another?
Something in my Booking Charges list doesn’t look correct. (i.e. a discount is missing, I’m billed for the wrong cabin type, etc.). What should I do?
Why isn’t my guest getting emails about our booking?
I pre-registered onboard JoCo Cruise 2015 for JoCo Cruise 2016. Where is my onboard credit?