The Shadow Cruise

JoCo Cruise attendees are an amazing and creative bunch of people. We provide ample venue spaces and time in the schedule for our attendees to organize and host their own events, creating what has come to be known as the Shadow Cruise. Sharing knowledge and interests, learning new skills, meeting with and getting to know others who share your particular enthusiasms—every year, the Shadow Cruise has hundreds of hours of things to offer every person on board.

Here’s a sampling of past Shadow Cruise events:

  • Jam sessions, song circles and singalongs
  • Music and comedy concerts
  • Crafting, writing, performing and maker workshops
  • Meetups, drinkups and mixers
  • Support groups
  • Tabletop and video gaming sessions
  • Cosplay (and non-cosplay) photo shoots
  • Speed meeting
  • Group meditation, yoga, and tai chi
  • Puzzle hunts and escape rooms
  • Dance lessons and social dances


If you’re booked for 2024, you can click on the button below to go to the 2024 Shadow Cruise Event Submission form. (You must be a currently-booked JoCo Cruise attendee with a JoCo Cruise User Account to submit events for the Shadow Cruise.)

Want to see what types of events other folks have done? See the link below to several of our previous JoCo Cruise events schedules.

2023 Schedule Of Events

Of course the performers, hangouts, and events won’t be exactly the same in 2024, but our 2023 schedule should give you a pretty good idea of the sorts of things you can expect from both the Official schedule and the Shadow Cruise.

2022 Schedule Of Events

Same as above, but for 2022.

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