Complete details can be found on our “What Is the JoCo Cruise?” page, but broadly speaking our cruise comprises:

  • Live Performances: Music, comedy, and more, presented in the main theater and throughout the ship
  • Participatory Events: Cocktail hangouts, karaoke, dance parties, meetups/drinkups with both fellow attendees and JoCo Cruise performers and invited guests
  • Gaming Events: Ship-wide, non-stop tabletop gaming; plus meetups, playtesting sessions and more
  • Crafting Events: SpecialĀ sessions and equipment in the Crafting Room, and throughout the ship
  • Writing Events: Formal and informal gatherings, panels and meetups with bestselling authors and writers of all sorts, discussing all aspects of writing, the writing process and the creative life

  • Shadow Cruise Events: A multitude of events organized, planned and run by you, the JoCo Cruise Community of passengers

But to find out what your fellow Sea Monkeys are already planning, or start a discussion about an event you’d like to hold, visit the JoCo Cruise Forums, or theĀ JoCo Cruise 2019 Facebook group to get in on the action.

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