JoCo Cruise Helpers

JoCo Cruise is a big, big event. (Like, a whole cruise ship’s worth.) And one of the reasons it can properly function is the army of attendees who donate time on board to help monitor events, staff the Info Desk, sell artist merch at shows, and a ton of other tasks. We call these stalwart altruists our Helpers. And you can be one too*!

*NOTE: we do not utilize first-time cruisers as Helpers. We appreciate first-timers’ willingness to help out, but it’s important to us that people on their first JoCo Cruise spend that time enjoying and familiarizing themselves with the event and the community.

Check out the different Helper roles below…

A Treatise on the Benefits of The Helper to the JoCo Cruise Community – 2022

JoCo Cruise Helpers stand at the center of what we most value as a community. They ensure that we can always pass a vibe check. Giving their time and energy to support both a boat full of enthusiastic (and occasionally overwhelmed) cruisers as well as the enthusiastic and always overwhelmed THO, our Helper Squad ensures that first-time cruisers have the best introduction to our beloved Nerd Boat! Helping makes some folks happy, and we’re immensely grateful for it. If you aren’t one of those people, don’t stress about it! This is your cruise! Make it the cruise you want!

JoCo Cruise has many, many activities and ways to enjoy yourself. (Maybe too many!) For that reason, Helper opportunities are only open to returning cruisers who have already had a chance to explore the event and understand how they like to enjoy themselves. If it’s your first year, the best way that YOU can help is by having the best time you can and meeting new people. Being a welcoming, kind person makes everyone’s cruise better!

Helpers help make the JoCo Cruise community what it is, and it wouldn’t be the same without them. Because of their high visibility, Helpers should take extra care to read, understand, respect, and abide by the JoCo Cruise Code of Conduct. Due to the sensitive nature of any Code of Conduct reports or issues, Helpers must immediately escalate any Code of Conduct issues that are reported to them, and work hard to be helpful but not personally engage with or attempt to resolve any Code of Conduct issues. JoCo Cruise has official positions dedicated to handling Code of Conduct reports.

Helpers must abide by the Code of Conduct at all times.

Ways to be a Helper

Welcome Wagon

20-25 needed

Help first-time attendees feel welcomed and informed on their first cruise! They are present through the terminal during embarkation. We will ask that you wear a pink vest so that you can be easily identified, and that you escalate any issues to THO. We’re looking for veteran cruisers who understand the ins and outs of cruise ship life and can direct first-timers to the appropriate resources when they have questions. Your total time commitment will be about two hours.

They will:

  • Assist with embarkation
  • Be available and visible in the terminal and in public spaces through the ship during boarding
  • Ensure that everyone gets their badges, lanyards, and any other material
  • Help manage the flow of folks through the terminal during embarkation

Dinner Host

30-35 needed

Our dinner seating process allows everyone to select their own table. This can be overwhelming for some, so we have some tables reserved specifically for folks looking for a welcoming place to sit! We will ask that you get to dinner 5 minutes early, and be comfortable initiating conversation and reaching out to people who seem like they could use a seat! Your total time commitment will be the length of a dinner plus a few extra minutes.

They will:

  • There are large reserved tables for each dinner seating. Host a table for new attendees who want to make new friends! Enjoy dinner and keep the conversation flowing
  • Be available during dinner seating for the first few nights to help answer any questions folks have about how dinner seating works

Cruise Ambassador

10 needed

There’s a lot happening every day on the JoCo Cruise, and it can be challenging to sort it all out. We will ask that you wear your sash for an hour each day, and serve as a friendly and open point of contact for folks who have questions or need help. We have an Info Desk for larger questions, so you should be able to focus on helping people navigate the cruise, and feel welcomed. Your time commitment will be an hour each day.

They will:

  • Be available and visible through the ship, keeping an eye out for people who might need guidance or support
  • Answer questions
  • Be friendly as heck

Twit-arr Moderator Helper

12-16 needed

Twit-arr is a fun part of our cruise, allowing conversations, jokes, and planning to happen all day long! Since this is a virtual space it does require some moderation. Moderators allow the community to thrive in a positive manner, and that the Code of Conduct is being followed. We will ask that you take time during your assigned shift to review any flagged messages, respond to concerns and work with the other mods to resolve or escalate issues as needed. You will have access to moderator tools within Twit-arr, and will function within a team. No one will need to make a difficult decision alone, and the monitoring of adult content is optional.

They will:

  • Help maintain a positive flow of conversation in the public feed
  • Review any flagged or reported messages
  • Work with the other members of the team to resolve issues

Special Events Helper

4-8 needed

We’re always planning new and exciting things to do on each JoCo Cruise, and we often need some helping hands with them. We will ask that you wear a pink sash while you’re helping, and will look to you for handle crowd control, explain rules, and generally act as a person who knows what’s going on. It won’t really be an act, we’ll tell you in advance what is happening, what the rules are, and specifically what help we would like from you. Your time commitment will be between one and two hours during one event.

They will:

  • Assist with crowd control
  • Understand the scope and rules of the event as explained to them in advance, and be able to answer any questions based on that information
  • Other duties as assigned! (it won’t be anything strenuous and we won’t make you do anything you aren’t comfortable with)

Decor Set Up/Tear Down

2-4 needed for setup
6-8 needed for pack up

A part of the fun of JoCo Cruise is that we take over the whole ship, and are able to decorate it as we like! There’s a short amount of time to get everything set up on the first day, and then again to pack it all up on the final day. We will ask that you unpack and prep decor items on the first day, then gather and pack items on the final day. Your total time commitment will be about two hours.

For setup

  • Collect decor staging boxes
  • Blow up any inflatable decorations
  • Secure inflatable decorations with 3M strips and monofilament
  • Assemble cardboard standees (Waves & Tentacles go in the Atrium on the main deck, Robot & Willy Wonka locations are TBD)
  • Hang posters and vinyl clings (designated areas will be assigned as we get closer to the day)
  • Non-destructively break down and store boxes for future use

For pack up

  • Rebuild boxes
  • Collect decor
  • Sort decor according to type
  • Remove any adhesive materials
  • Note any damage or need for replacement

Pack-Up Support

12 needed

Packing up all of our supplies, games, offices, arcade cabinets, tchotchkes, novelty singed robo-cats, and every single item we need to make JoCo Cruise magical is a huge effort. We could use some help with things like counting inventory, taking down signs, and making sure that our staff has tape (we use a LOT of tape). As the saying goes, many hands make light work. We will ask that you check-in at the start of your two-hour shift to see what help is needed. Your total time commitment will be about two hours.

They will:

  • Help get pack up supplies to those in need
  • Sort/count items to help keep our inventory accurate
  • Take down signs
  • Assist with disassembling shelves
    Reassemble boxes

Craft Room Helper

Craft Room Helpers bring their mad craft skills to the seas, helping teach skills and showing folks how to use the tools of their trade in the craft room. They coordinate with our wonderful Craft Room team in advance and the craft room schedule determines their time commitment.

They will:

  • Report to the Craft Room as scheduled


If, after reviewing the descriptions above, you’d like to join the 2022 Helper ranks, please fill out our handy Helper Submission Form. (The form will prompt you to log into your JoCo Cruise User Account if necessary.)

Reminder: we do not utilize first-time cruisers as Helpers. We appreciate first-timers’ willingness to help out, but it’s important to us that people on their first JoCo Cruise spend that time enjoying and getting familiar with the event and the community.

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