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More New Performers Announced!

What? More performers for JoCo Cruise? Yup! Please welcome to the fold: Allie Brosh Matt Gourley Amanda Lund Eban Schletter Related: Paul F. Tompkins will now officially be doing a live recording on JoCo Cruise of his outstanding half-interview, half-improv podcast, SPONTANEANATION, featuring Matt Gourley, Amanda Lund, Janet Varney and special guest interviewee Jean Grae.

Are You Prepared? Take This JCC Quiz and FIND OUT

There are only about four months standing between us and JCC 2016, which means it is time to GET PREPARED. How do you know if you’re prepared? You test yourself, of course. With this totally serious, non-joke quiz that I have created for you. Grab your artisanally sharpened pencils and keep track of your score:

How to Do the JoCo Cruise On a Budget

As many of you know, I do a lot of personal finance writing at sites like The Billfold and The Penny Hoarder. I also think about personal finance all the time, because I am one of those people whose income only exceeds her expenses if I am very careful about what those expenses are.

JoCo Cruise 2016 SOLD OUT? Well…

Two important and extremely-related bits of news: This past weekend, JoCo Cruise 2016 officially SOLD OUT of cabins. Because we’ve known the above was imminent, we’ve been working with RCI to get more cabins added to our allotment. And we found out this week that RCI is adding 40 more Deluxe Balcony (E3) cabins to […]

JoCo Cruise Travel: Learn From My Fail

This year, the JoCo Cruise departs from Port Canaveral, Florida on the beautiful Freedom of the Seas. If you are a new monkey preparing for your first JCC voyage (say that aloud and it sounds like “JC sea voyage,” which is exactly what it is) or a returning monkey preparing for your first Port Canaveral […]

Introducing Nicole Dieker, Our New JCC2016 Blogger

Hi, everybody! I am so excited to be typing words into this blogspace for you to read. Over the next several months, I’m going to be answering many of your JoCo Cruise questions, including “do I really need to fly into Orlando a day early,” “I am new, how do I do friendship on the […]

JoCo Cruise Teams with Worldbuilders Charity

We are also very happy to announce that JoCo Cruise will be partnering this year with Worldbuilders, the charity begun by author Pat Rothfuss to raise funds for Heifer International. Further details regarding our partnership are forthcoming, but we are absolutely thrilled to be working with Worldbuilders and Pat to help in the battle against […]

JoCo Cruise 2016 Writing Track

In 2015 we introduced the JoCo Cruise Writing Track, a series of writing-themed panels, Q&A sessions and events. We are continuing and expanding the Writing Track in 2016, which will be coordinated and hosted by authors John Scalzi and Patrick Rothfuss. And we are pleased to welcome the following authors to our Writing Track roster: […]

Initial 2016 Lineup Announced

The initial round of JoCo Cruise 2016 Performers and Featured Guests has been announced! Go see all the new friends and old favorites who will be in attendance this year! More lineup announcements to come; we’ll keep you posted as new info comes available.

JoCo Cruise 2016 Cabins are Selling FAST

Mere days after opening JoCo Cruise 2016 booking to the general public, we’ve surpassed our 2015 total, and the pace hasn’t slowed down much. Many cabin categories are sold out, others are hanging on by a thread (all Suites and Interiors will likely be booked soon), and it’s highly unlikely we’ll be able to get […]