The JoCo Cruise
Carbon Roadmap

A new initiative to mitigate our carbon footprint.


Here on the threshold of our tenth JoCo Cruise, it’s remarkable to look back and see how much we have grown and changed as an event, a community, and as a company. We feel an ongoing and sincere responsibility to be a positive force in the world, not only through the fun and welcoming space we all work together to create, but also in how we at JoCo Cruise run our business. We love cruising, but are also acutely aware of its impacts on the environment. That’s why we are excited to present the initial steps we’re taking to reduce our carbon footprint.

One thing about running a cruise for nerds is that, when you speak about science, your ducks best be in the straightest of rows. So before settling on a course of action, we educated ourselves about the science behind climate change and our own carbon footprint. We engaged a consultant who helped us to understand the findings of the IPCC (the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, formed by the UN) on the global carbon budget, and to estimate and quantify our emissions. What we learned was sobering, and we want to share that information and our plan to begin addressing it.

We’re aware that carbon is only part of the picture, but believe it’s the area in which we can most quickly effect real change. We also know that reasonable people can disagree about the acceptability and effectiveness of carbon offsets and offsetting strategies, and we both expect and welcome tough questions and critical comments from our community of thoughtful, well-informed smarties. 

As JoCo Cruise continues to grow and change, as the technologies to combat climate change evolve, and in light of feedback we receive, we will review our strategy annually and incorporate new findings and science on this subject. We will always make our best efforts to listen, learn, and find the best way forward, in support of our larger mission to minimize our impact on this planet.

We look forward to taking this first step of what will surely be many more to come, as we work as a community to face the challenges ahead of us. 

Yours in cruises,
– Jonathan and The Management

Jonathan Coulton, Paul Sabourin,
Storm DiCostanzo & Drew Westphal

Guided by experts in the field, and grounded in the best available science, we’re committing to a framework for offsetting JoCo Cruise’s carbon emissions.

Check out our comprehensive (and super-interesting!) whitepaper to learn the latest science about the planet’s carbon budget, the urgency of addressing climate change, and the criteria we use to chart our course of action.


we’re contributing to a high-quality afforestation project and working through the UN Carbon Offset platform

We’re contributing to a high-quality afforestation project to offset the emissions generated from our crew’s and performers’ round-trip flights.

We’ve also secured 6,100 tonnes of United Nations Certified Emissions Reductions (CERs) through a nitrous oxide (N2O) abatement program at a commercial fertilizer plant in Pakistan. N2O is a powerful greenhouse gas.

we’ve made a “down payment” to offset marine fuel and flight emissions from current and previous JoCo Cruises

We’ve made a “down payment” to the aforementioned afforestation project and N2O abatement program that has collectively offset the marine fuel emissions for JoCo Cruise 2018 and 2019 and estimated fuel emissions for 2020, as well as all flight fuel emissions for our crew and performers on JoCo Cruise 2019 and 2020.

Together, these two projects amount to over half the volume of emissions from marine fuel and air travel since JoCo Cruise began—and our longer-term goal is to retroactively offset ALL prior JoCo Cruise events, all the way back to 2011!

With additional time and research, we intend to account for additional emissions sources within our business, beyond marine fuel and air travel.

attendees can contribute to offset their individual cruise travel emissions

For those who wish to join this effort, we’ve set up a charitable crowdfunding portal where JoCo Cruise attendees can contribute to offset fuel emissions for their individual flights to and from the cruise. All funds will go directly to the offset program. (Of course past cruisers, and anyone else, may also participate!)

we’re seeking additional ways to reduce our sailing’s carbon footprint and increase sustainability

We’re working with our cruise industry partners to find additional ways to reduce our sailing’s carbon footprint and increase sustainability, above and beyond the ever-growing number of initiatives they already have in place.

track our progress on this page

As we move forward, we’ll track our progress on this page (, and we’ll post updates to our Roadmap as applicable. As we’ve noted, this is an ongoing process involving many steps, and we look forward to making continued progress and taking additional steps in our larger mission of minimizing our impact on the planet.

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