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From The Home Office

2020 Welcome Guide

JUST ADDED 3/5 This is the booklet you’ll receive during check-in. The Welcome Guide is a slickly designed, easy-to-read guide that covers all the basics aboard the cruise with maps, an outline of the days, bios and much, much more. Download the PDF and get a head start on learning all things JoCo!

2020 Google Map of Ports

JUST ADDED 3/4 – Want to know exactly where we’re docking and when? Check out our super-helpful JoCo 2020 Google Map complete with instructions on how to download offline maps to your phone.

2020 Schedule Of Events

A whole week’s worth of shows, panels, dance parties, gatherings, hangouts, late-night pizza, you know and love – not to mention OVER 200 HOURS of Shadow Events! Dive in and see all the awesomeness!

2020 Public Restroom Map

A good one to add to your phone! This PDF map shows you where public restrooms are, which are designated as all-gender, and which have accessibility accommodations.

2020 Accessibility Webpage

JoCo Cruise strives to accommodate the needs of all our attendees to the greatest extent possible. We’ve assembled this page for the benefit of those who avail themselves of the ship’s accessibility features and practices. This includes our Accessibility Guide PDF.

Tabletop Game Library

We assembled over one ton (literally, we weighed them) of games into a Game Library in the Main Dining Room, with 24-hour access. Includes games provided by JoCo Cruise, plus contributions on loan from your fellow seafarers.

Arcade & Console Game List

We’re bringing an ’80s shopping mall’s worth of classic arcade game machines, and they’ll be 100% free to play, all week long! Find them in the Billboard Onboard lounge on Deck 2. Our console gaming “home base”, featuring over 40 consoles, will be up on Deck 10 in the “EXC” area.

The JoCo Cruise 2020 FAQ

A useful collection of the most Frequently Asked Questions about JoCo Cruise.

2020 Email Updates

Here’s an archive of news we’ve shared via email.

2020 New Monkey Handbook

This is a handy guide for people new to the JoCo Cruise experience, to help you get an overall sense of the event and to find easy ways to dive in and “get into the swing of things,” so to speak.

From Holland America

2020 Excursions

For a modest fee, Holland America arranges adventures you can share with fellow JoCo Cruisers designed to maximize your time and fun while ashore. Beach and snorkeling trips, off-road Jeep tours, and history and culinary tours are just a sampling. Here’s the 2019 excursions to get idea of what is in store.

Holland America FAQ Guide

Holland America’s comprehensive web page for Cruise Preparation, which covers a wide range of topics, including documentation, baggage policy information and packing advice, dress code, childcare and youth activities, and much more.

“Know Before You Go” Guide (PDF)

Very thorough and covers a wide range of topics, including cruise preparation, documentation, baggage policy information and packing advice, childcare and youth activities, and much more.

see the Ship Specs section below for more facts and documents specific to the ship…

Get Connected

2020 JoCo Cruise Community Facebook Group

Fan-run, active group where you can usually find veteran cruisers who are happy to let you know the skinny.

Roommate-seeker Forums

The JoCo Cruise Discussion Forums are set up for people to post when they either have a booking and are seeking roommates, or are seeking a booking to join. Head on over to to join up. NOTE: before posting, be sure to read the pinned “Seeking roommates? READ THIS FIRST” topic for general formatting guidelines. This will make things easier both for you and the people seeking such listings.

MARCH 7-14, 2020

2020 will mark JoCo Cruise’s tenth (!) sailing. We’re amazed—happily so!—at how this event has grown and thrived over the years, and we’re thrilled about how many people have made new friends, connected with old friends, and formed our cruise into such a warm, friendly, welcoming and happy community.

But you better hope that you’re not a “stop” in 2020, because we plan to pull out as many of them as possible as we gear up for JoCo Cruise 2020!


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    <This will become a list of important dates and deadlines -Mike>




We depart on our adventure! For more information on flights, hotels and everything else leading up to this, click below…



Holland America’s private island in the Caribbean. It’s an all-time favorite beach and relaxation spot for JoCo Cruise that’s also a protected nature preserve; it’s as close to the Castaway experience as you can get! (At least, while still having a bar, beach chairs and a ship to leave on.)



Enjoy the plethora of activities on board (panels, gaming, crafting, and dozens of other options); just chill by the pool or in your stateroom; your day is yours to do as you please; we’re not the boss of you!



Cruise to Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic for a unique blend of colonial and modern city life plus beaches, waterfalls and rainforest adventures.



Once again enjoy the plethora of activities on board (panels, gaming, crafting, and dozens of other options); just chill by the pool or in your stateroom; your day is yours to do as you please; we’re still not the boss of you!



You’ll find sugar-white sand, brilliant blue waters, and a kaleidoscopic of sea life—and astronauts—​on this jem of an island in the archipelago nation of Turks & Caicos. Visit the Turks and Caicos National Museum, the Grand Turk Lighthouse, the Cockburn Town​ waterfront, and the Splashdown Grand Turk exhibition celebrating astronaut John Glenn’s return to Earth in 1962, just off the coast.



Continue to enjoy the plethora of activities on board (panels, gaming, crafting, and dozens of other options); just chill by the pool or in your stateroom; your day is yours to do as you please; it’s abundantly clear by now that we’re not the boss of you!



We return to port.


Friday, March 6th
It’s not required, but we recommend arriving in Fort Lauderdale the day before sailing.

Saturday, March 7th
Boarding is between 11:30 a.m. (approximately) and 3:30 p.m. For more info on what happens at sea, check out the destinations page and the schedule page.

Saturday, March 14th
We return to port in Fort Lauderdale at approximately 7 a.m.,  we recommend that no one should book flights before noon the same day.


We have a page dedicated to helping you with everything that comes before you board the ship.



The Nieuw Amsterdam


This will be our first time sailing on a Signature Class ship, and wow it’s a doozy. Delivered to Holland America in 2010 and refit in 2017, its design and art (valued at more than $3M) are inspired by New York City. Most important: its layout will be fantastic for our events and hangouts, all week long.

Length: 285 m (935 ft)
Beam: 32 m (105 ft)
Draught: 7.9 m (26 ft)
Max speed: 23.9 knots (warp factor 0.00000034)
Decks: 11 passenger decks
Giant Squid Crush Resistance: Maximum


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