The Experience

It’s difficult to sum up the JoCo Cruise experience, but we will try: Summer camp for nerds? The greatest vacation you’ll ever have? A Jonathan Coulton show that lasts a week, has tons of guest performers, and is on a cruise ship where there is free food and more than one swimming pool? Yes, yes, and yes. We run the thing, and even we are surprised every year at what a fun and rewarding experience it is. Still unconvinced? Please refer to the audio/visual aids below.

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We’ve attempted to document the many facets of the beautiful diamond that is JoCo Cruise using “videos.” We aren’t going to put all of those videos here, because it would literally BLOW YOUR MIND. If you’d like to have your mind blown, you should go over here and watch them all. If you’d like to start a little smaller, check out these three, starting with this vain attempt to sum up all the awesome we got on JoCo Cruise 2012:

Video by Christopher Dillon (@chris_k_dillon)

When we organize events, we try to leave space for people to just relax and enjoy the cruise. And then those ungrateful people go and fill up that space with lots of other things that we never even thought of, to create what we like to call The Shadow Cruise:

Video by Christopher Dillon (@chris_k_dillon)

OK, one more. Zombies!

Video by Christopher Dillon (@chris_k_dillon) with additional footage by @jrroop


Here are some pictures from JoCo Cruise 2015:

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…and some pictures from JoCo Cruise 2014:

…and some pictures from JoCo Cruise 2013…

…and here’s some from JoCo Cruise 2012…

And as you might imagine, there are a poop ton of photos up on Flickr from all the prior cruises. You know how to use the internet right? Go and look!

Other Things

We can’t possibly be lying about how much fun this thing is, because there’s no way we could plant this much stuff all over the internet. You can see what people say in the Jonathan Coulton forums, read this blog, examine this Facebook page (warning: contains Facebook), watch a ton of other videos on YouTube, or read about past/future cruises in the Jonathan Coulton wiki. It really is great, and we really hope you join us.

Press Release

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