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JoCo Cruise reserves the right to refuse any booking for any reason, but will not refuse booking based on race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, or any protected class.

You’ll be prompted to indicate that you agree to the Terms and Conditions listed below during the JoCo Cruise 2020 booking process. When you register with Holland America you will be asked to agree to their own release, which is separate from the JoCo Cruise 2020 release.

I agree to comply with the stated terms and conditions for participating in JoCo Cruise 2020, including those in the FAQ / Terms and Conditions / Code of Conduct as posted on the JoCo Cruise 2020 website and updated periodically.

I understand and acknowledge that attending JoCo Cruise 2020 may involve risks, and I assume all the risks of attending this event, both known and unknown. In consideration for permitting me to participate in JoCo Cruise 2020:

  1. I release and discharge the organizers of JoCo Cruise 2020 (the “JoCo Cruise 2020 Organizers,” as defined below), and their successors and assigns, from all expense, liability, loss and damage arising from my participation in JoCo Cruise 2020, except in the case of their willful misconduct; and
  2. I waive and agree not to bring any claims against the JoCo Cruise 2020 Organizers in connection with my participation in JoCo Cruise 2020, except in the case of their willful misconduct.

The “JoCo Cruise 2020 Organizers” include JoCo Cruise 2020; JPSD Partners, LLC; 20 Goto 10, Inc.; Paul and Storm LLC; Elodin Enterprises, LLC; Worldwide Travel and Cruise Associates; and their respective owners, partners, members, employees, contractors, representatives, volunteers and agents.

This waiver and release governs my participation in and actions at JoCo Cruise 2020, including my travel to and from the event. It will be construed broadly to provide a waiver and release to the full extent permitted by law. I am agreeing to this waiver and release on my own behalf, and on behalf of my successors, assigns, and personal and legal representatives, and I agree that this waiver and release is binding on each of them.

I have read and understand this waiver and release, and I agree to it freely and voluntarily.



©2018 JoCoCruise | Agency of record for JoCo Cruise 2019 and 2020 is Worldwide Travel and Cruise Associates, Inc. a licensed seller of travel in the state of Florida. License number 10505316.

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