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JoCo Cruise 2017 booking begins next Friday!

Booking for the inaugural full-ship JoCo Cruise begins on Friday, January 29 at 12 noon Pacific time (3 p.m. Eastern). The basics, for the uninitiated: JoCo Cruise 2017 will be a full ship charter—we control the whole boat! March 4-11, 2017 (7 nights) aboard Holland America Line’s MS Westerdam Sailing out of San Diego, CA, […]

The Ultimate Guide to JCC Dining

Dining is one of the most fun—and potentially nerve-wracking—parts of the JoCo Cruise. There are all of these etiquette and clothing questions that don’t come up when you’re at home, eating an Amy’s Frozen Burrito while answering emails. So I’ve put together a comprehensive Q&A that should answer all of your JCC dining questions. If […]

Booking for JoCo Cruise 2016 is OPEN!

General public booking for JoCo Cruise 2016 is OPEN as of 12 p.m. Eastern time on Monday, April 6, 2015! You’ll want to jump on it now because:

  • Everyone who books before June 12, 2015 will receive a $75 per berth Early Booking discount. (Legacy JoCo Cruisers will also receive a $35 Returning Monkey discount for themselves and anyone in their cabin, regardless of when they book.)
  • Cabins are limited, and the most popular categories tend to sell out early.
  • You can only participate in the activities organized and facilitated by JoCo Cruise if you book from us directly, through No exceptions. And once our cabins are gone, they’re gone.

JoCo Cruise 2016 PRIZES!

A tremendous THANK YOU to all our sponsors who furnished prizes for JoCo Cruise 2016’s nefarious purposes. What prizes by whom, you ask? Read on! STEVE JACKSON GAMES Car Wars Arena Car Wars Classic Car Wars Card Game Castellan Chez Geek House Party Mars Attacks Dice Mars Attacks 10 Minute Take Down Steampunk Munchkin Deluxe Steampunk Dice […]